Four Strategies to Make Customers Your Pharmacy Ambassadors

 Ambassador84% of consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations. 70% said they did the same of online consumer opinions. [Nielsen]

What does this statistic mean for your pharmacy? You need Ambassadors for your store.  When someone visits your pharmacy for the first time, it’s important to grab their attention with your exceptional service so they are not so easily snatch away by the competition.  But it doesn’t stop there, your services, personal attention and management of waiting areas are all key factors in keeping them coming back.

Here are some simple but powerful strategies to get make customers your Pharmacy Ambassador.


1. Greet Every Customer Instantly 

71% of customers expect assistance within five minutes or less. If they don’t receive it, 48% will not return

Greet customers as they enter your pharmacy and give them direction on check in, wait times, etc.  This is vital to retaining customers. Some pharmacies struggle with effectively managing their service counters due to long lines and waiting areas.  Queue management systems such as check in kiosk and digital signage with prescription ready notifications all but eliminates lines and keeps waiting areas informed. This frees up time for pharmacies to greet customers on arrival, streamline check and reduce interruptions to workflow therefore shortening wait times.


      2. Offer more than they expected

70% of customer experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.  

To convert a new customer to be your Pharmacy Ambassador, exceptional customer service goes beyond a smile and improved wait times.  Pharmacies are taking on a bigger role than filling bottles. Make sure your customers are aware of programs and services your pharmacy provides and how they can benefit.  Digital Displays in your in pharmacy and waiting areas is a low cost effective way to keeping your customers informed. Once you have streamlined your waiting area and check in process, you have the time needed  to get to know your  customer, asses their needs and offer more than expected. 

 3. Use Up-to-Date Technology

Using-up-to-date technology in your pharmacy can drastically improve customer service.  Automating and streamlining processes such as Will Call Bin Management and Return to Stock processes frees up valuable time to spend more time doing things that cannot be automated like customer service.

“Prior to automating our will call it took us about 1-2 minutes to find a correctly filed new or refilled  prescription bag, 5-6 minutes to find a misfiled prescription bag, and 5-7 minutes to find all the prescriptions for patients with multiple bags. Now all the processes above take 15-45 seconds.  I believe our new system has made more difference in the provision of good customer service than any other technology piece we have employed” Drew Higgins, Chief Operating Officer DrugCo pharmacies

4. Reward Customers For Their Loyalty

Don’t take customers loyalty for granted.  There are so many easy ways to say ‘Thank You’ and stand out from the competition.

  1.  Inform your customers about your loyalty programs
  2. Keep them in the loop at check out of any discounts or promotions they can take advantage for that transaction or upcoming promotions
  3. Sign customers up to receive emails, text messages or voicemails to inform them of benefits, upcoming events or promotions for being a loyal customer
  4. Keep your loyalty programs visible in pharmacy. 
  5. Send ‘Thank you for your business’ discount coupons in the mail that are exclusive to loyal customers. 


There you have it! Start turning your customers into Ambassadors for your pharmacy and stand out from the crowd!  If you have ideas share them with us in the comment box below!

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