Customer Satisfaction and Queue Management



How Pharmacy Queue Management Improves Customer Satisfaction



 Consumer behavior and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, the key player in the overall consumer behavior model, is fairly multifaceted since it is influenced by multiple factors and evolves over time. Factors that influence a consumer’s buying behavior may involve their expected and perceived value and their interactions with and attitudes about the services provided.  Expectations relate to the customer’s anticipated beliefs and perceptions about the product or service before interaction. Attitudes relate to the customer’s emotional attachment, tendencies and evaluations he has towards a certain product, developed over time, leading him or her towards attainment of the product or service. And finally, interactions are the decisions customers make concerning their future actions regarding the firm and decide whether or not the overall experience was worth it.

All these factors collectively influence the future actions of the customers. For the most part, all these factors or influences are intangible which means that the perceived performance has a more direct correlation to customer satisfaction than the actual performance.

Pharmacy Queuing Management is one such means to enhance customer experience and improve satisfaction with the services offered.  A happy client means repeat business for the business. Not only will he return again, he will also be involved in spreading positive word about your business through word-of-mouth (free, viral advertising method) but also contribute by increasing revenue, profitability and also a competitive edge for the business.

On the contrary, a not-so-happy or dissatisfied customer will most likely avoid using your service in the future again and also share his bad experience with others using word-of-mouth (again a free advertisement tool), impairing your business image and building a negative impact on your profits and revenues.

Correlation between customer satisfaction and the waiting timeCustomer-Satisfaction

The relationship between pharmacy customer wait times and customer satisfaction is highly important. This means that an increase in the waiting reduces customer satisfaction.  Working to decrease wait times through pharmacy prescription notification Signage and check-in Kiosk makes it possible to decrease the waiting time and keep customer’s expectation and perceived value ratio high, raising overall customer satisfaction.

Nearly 70% of all customers in the waiting line, be it at a restaurant, movie, or retail pharmacy, base their decision to continue using the service or product by evaluating the relationship between customer satisfaction, waiting time, and services.  Also, those who are more anxious might even pay more just to avoid standing in line and waiting. This behavior is most prevalent in retail pharmacies where customers if not provided the expected services never revisit








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