6 Vital Roles Digital Signage Fills In Pharmacies and Clinics


Digital Signage has been revolutionizing the way communication occurs between customers and pharmacy or clinic  staff. Digital signage is now being used to fill vital roles in communication while improving customer privacy.


HIPAA Compliant Customer Notifications

Calling names into a waiting area has continued to be frowned upon with privacy issues at the forefront.  DisplayRx digital signage allows pharmacies and clinics to  notify waiting customers and patients  with a private name/number combinations or a queue number adding a layer of privacy while reducing lines and interruptions at service counters.  Pharmacies and clinics are finding digital signage to be vital communication tool.  "DisplayRxTM has completely changed the atmosphere of our lobby. Gone are the days of calling out names. We had tried other methods such as pagers or a number system but nothing can compare to what DisplayRxTM has done for us. It’s simple, elegant and effective"
Ocie Wilson, Pharm D/Pharmacy Director/El Rio Community Health


 Dynamic signage can easily be updated in real time to help  pharmacies, clinics and hospitals  keep patients and customers in waiting areas informed and up to date on services,  events, products and an introduction of pharmacist, doctors and staff.

"Before DisplayRxTM many patients did not realize the breadth of our services. We now broadcast precise information about what we offer here at La Maestra throughout our three story building. This has been a great benefit to the community by helping to create awareness, encouraging informed communication and improving the patient’s ability to make informed decisions. The ease of using DisplayRxTM meant that we were able to easily and rapidly tailor our messaging specifically to the promotion and benefits of our Patient Portal, resulting in an immediate increase in patient enrollments. By adding DisplayRxTM system to our clinic, I believe we have made a giant step towards spreading our message and services to our patients, and at the same time educating and empowering our patients with knowledge"
Sal Saldivar/Chief Information Officer/ La Maestra Community Health Centers

Quality Control

Combining digital signage with a  queue number notification allows pharmacies and clinics to know when their patient or customer arrived and when they were served and checked out.  This gives valuable insight into the quality of service you facility provides.  "From a management perspective, having access to turn around times helps with our performance improvement and QA goals"
Adria A Kerr, R.Ph./Retail Pharmacy Manager/LSU Health Baton Rouge Mid City


Finding your way around in health care facilities can be a dreary task, especially if you are in a stressful situation. One of the biggest advantages of digital signage is that it helps with wayfinding. Usually, we witness wayfinding kiosks in healthcare facilities that guide patients to navigate their way without having to rely on directions from others. This is a positive step as it ensures customer satisfaction and also improves the chances of reaching on their appointments in time without have to stop at every turnabout to ask doctors and nurses for directions.

Moreover, digital signage can also help hospital employees to concentrate on their core tasks rather than having to escort visitors and patients towards their destinations.

Emergency Procedure updates

Dissemination of information becomes much more hassle-free with digital signage in case of emergencies such as a fire or other alarming situations in large hospitals. It serves as a lifesaver and a very viable option compared to alarm systems and running about in the hallways shouting ‘fire fire’. Digital signage can also straightforwardly communicate instructions to evacuate the building in such emergency overrides.


Digital signage in waiting areas reduces noise and perceived wait times by providing a form of entertainment.  And because DisplayRx privately displays customer notifications, the digital signage is actually being looked at giving  your facility a powerful advertising tool and information tool.


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