4 Insane (BUT TRUE) Things to Know About Light Retrieval for Pharmacy Will–Call Management

4 Insane (BUT TRUE) Things to Know About

Pharmacy Light Retrieval for Will–Call Management


The buzz in retail pharmacy to streamline will-call retrieval is LED lights that illuminate prescriptions that need pick up.  Light guided pharmacy will-call retrieval also known as pick to light systems are designed to create a much more efficient method of retrieving prescriptions.  Pharmacies are taking notice and the technology is being installed at pharmacies across the globe.  Below are 4 things to know about pharmacy light retrieval for will-call.


Not All Pharmacy Pick to Light Retrieval Systems Require New Bags and RacksHang up bag suncrest

If you already are using a hang-up bag system in your pharmacy for will call there are LED light up sticks that drop into your current bags and software that integrates with your pharmacy management system.  This is a great option with no pharmacy downtime and lower over-all cost


roi-barMeasurable ROI Shows Significant Savings On Both Time And Money

When asked about the ROI for a light guided pharmacy will call system, Drew Huggins with DrugCo pharmacy in North Carolina states:

“Our light guided will call retrieval provides a huge amount of ROI for both money and time.  Our pharmacy fills 1,300 prescriptions per day and has over 600 individual prescription pick-ups on a typical day.  If we are conservatively saving an average of 1 minute per prescription pick up, we are recouping almost 10 hours of employee time PER DAY in retrieving prescriptions alone.  Our cost savings are primarily associated with this reduction in employee time burden, as well as a decrease in costs associated with prescription pick-up errors and lost time for long searches”

Light Guided Pharmacy System Streamlines Return To Stock Retrievals and Shows Measureable ROI

Wolters Kluwer Health Abandonment Report states that 6.8% of all prescriptions are never picked up by patients.  A pharmacy filling on average 250 scripts per day would have an average of 17 prescriptions per day to be retrieved for RTS.  An average retrieve time PER prescription is 49.8 seconds. A pharmacy light retrieval system can reduce that time to one min for all 17 retrievals.  


Light Guided Pharmacy Will-Call Retrieval Is Tipping The Scales In Pharmacy Will-Call Automation

Although great strides have been taken in pharmacy automation, the feedback for pharmacy will-call retrieval lights is proving to be a tipping point for pharmacies looking to tip the scales in pharmacy workflow and overall customer service.

“We have invested in multiple technology pieces (ScriptPro robotics, med sync software, etc) to aid in the dispensing process.  I believe our light guided retrieval system has made more difference in the provision of good customer service than any other technology piece we have employed.  Our will-call area is faster, more efficient, more accurate, and more enjoyable for the customer.  We spend much less time looking for prescriptions and more time discussing counseling points with the patients” –Drew Huggins COO DrugCo pharmacies




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