Are Pharmacies & Health Clinics Getting The Queue?

long-wait-times-300x199 Customer care starts and ends with overall experience. Feeling sick or having a loved one sick and waiting for service is one of the number one complaints from customers and patients in pharmacy and health clinics.  Implementing a queue management system in busy pharmacies and clinics drastically improves overall customer experience while streamlining workflow for staff by reducing interruptions at service counters.


What Statistics Say, You Need To Hear

Looking at some statistics will give you better idea the importantance to properly manage queue systems efficiently.

Research from Brickstream shows,

  • A customer will start to feel frustrated after 2.5 minutes if there is no apparent progress in the queue.
  • A third of customers report they have abandoned the checkout line when forced to wait for more than 5 minutes.
  • Nearly half of all customers will actively avoid the retailer or brand in the future if the wait in line was longer than 5 minutes.

Given these findings, using efficient queue management systems is an easy and affordable way pharmacies and health clinics can improve customer service and better compete in a market that is  already facing severe competition.   


Customer Service and Queuing Systems

Queuing systems can be utilized at different points of service

The Arrival: Arrival of a customer into a busy waiting area is where improved customer service begins.  A self Check-in Kiosk allows customers to quickly check in and have a seat. This system eliminates a line at check in counters, reduces wait times, streamlines workflow and greatly reduces the need for paid staff at check in or service counters, giving clinics and pharmacies an instant and measurable return on investment. 

Service Counters:  Generally in busy waiting areas, there is no Queue Management, just long lines and frustrated customers.  Using Digital Signage to privately alert customers to a service counter with the self Check-In Kiosk, customers are constantly informed, perceived wait times reduced,  stream of information to waiting areas is vastly improved and lines at service counters are all but  eliminated.

Overall Customer Service:  The importance of improved waiting area management and customer service  is something that is still vastly under used in pharmacies and health clinics. However, because Check-in Kiosk and Digital Signage Notifications are being used in a vast number of other industries to better serve it's customers, the gap is growing larger and customers are naturally gravitating to pharmacies and clinics that have a Queue Management System in place that provides better overall customer service.

Return On Investment

With a wide variety of cost options from licensing to subscriptions,  implementing a successful queuing system is both affordable and simple to implement.  The measurable return on investment in queue management has proven time and again that improving overall customer satisfaction  through shorter wait times,  streamlined information, less lines pays off through customer loyalty, more customers served and streamline of workflow for staff.

Lastly,  pharmacies and clinics  need to realize that a customer waiting in line for too long is a lost customer – customers not informed on the products and services provided by your facility, is an  opportunity lost, meaning he/she will probably steer clear of your store in the future. This is why understanding the proper use of  queue management systems in nearly all service industries is becoming more and more demanding.



































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