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What is HangRxTM?

HangRxTM bin management is a complete and professional grade modern solution for tracking and managing prescriptions in pharmacy will-call.

Your Will-Call Solution

HangRxTM offers a quick, practical, and up-to-date storage and retrieval solution for instant prescription location and will-call tracking. HangRxTM is a total bin management and will-call solution. Simply scan it, hang it, and walk away. Will-Call tracking and management has never been easier.


  • ‘Rx Ready’ texts outbound compliance ‘reminder’ calls
  • Outbound compliance ‘reminder’
  • Aged prescription ‘return to stock’ process saving HOURS of time each week
  • Will-call inventory reporting
  • Behind the counter organization and space management with HangRxTM racks and bags
  • Creates a well-organized, timesaving, efficient prescription will-call
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