Patient Notification Display

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Display patient queue status with ads and services with DisplayRx
  • reduce lines
    Reduce Lines

    Real-time customer updates reduce lines and unnecessary interruptions at workstations

  • Engage Customers
    Engage Customers

    Engage customers with queue management while promoting non-prescription products and services

  • call merge
    Streamline Workflow

    System integration streamlines workflow through task automation saving valuable time

  • Boost Revenue Growth
  • Promote Products And Services
  • Automated Queue Management
  • Effectively Engage Waiting Areas
  • Safeguarding Personal Data

    We prioritize privacy. DisplayRx is installed on a stand-alone PC to ensure seamless, HIPAA-compliant notifications
    DisplayRx is installed on a stand-alone PC to ensure seamless, HIPAA-compliant notifications
  • Audio and Video Support

    Supporting individuals with hearing impairments and those not watching the monitor
    Patients in a waiting area viewing the DisplayRx, offer audio and video support for hearing impairments
  • Showcase Products and Services

    Drive growth by highlighting additional services and showcasing product offerings
    DisplayRx screen promoting pharmacy services and special offers
  • Streamline Service Minimize Lines

    Experience efficiency at service counters with minimal interruptions and lines
    Pharmacist scanning medication,  efficient service with minimal wait times at the pharmacy counter

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, DisplayRx software has integration with our partnered vendors listed on the homepage However, DisplayRx can also function independently as a stand-alone system.
  • Yes. DisplayRx software is installed on a standalone PC and does not store, transmit, or access protected information. To ensure maximum privacy, patient and customer names are partially masked. We are happy to collaborate with your security or compliance officer to ensure that the use of DisplayRx software meets all HIPAA requirements.
  • A dedicated PC running a Microsoft operating system is necessary. For optimal picture quality, we recommend using a minimum 32" flat-screen HD display.
  • The split-screen views are an optional feature of content you create, upload, and manage with the software, DisplayRx also supports web-based videos. Suncrest provides design services at an additional cost, should you require them.
  • We recommend that facilities acquire all necessary hardware and arrange for professional installation. However, we do offer a hardware package and can facilitate coordination with a professional installer in your area, albeit at an additional cost. We are pleased to happy to provide a detailed proposal upon request.