Automated Pharmacy Will-Call

  • bolt
    Efficient Workflow

    Fast, effective will-call solution for storage, retrieval, and return to stock streamlines workflow.

  • call merge
    Integrated PMS

    Seamless PMS integration automates storage and retrieval for instant will-call tracking.

  • simplified
    Simplified Process

    Scan, hang, and walk away for easy storage. Light, and locate for quick retrieval.

  • PMS integration and automation
  • Heavy, durable clear bags
  • Instant light-up retrieval
  • Quick return to stock

The Value of Innovation

Based on 250 scripts filled per day
  • $1,378+

    misplace scripts monthly savings
  • $870+

    will-call retrieval monthly savings
  • $1,222+

    RTS reduced inventory monthly savings

Request for ROI Study

  • Organized Will-Call

    Clear hang-up bag system for organized will-call
    HangRx's light-up prescription storage bags for efficient pharmacy will-call management
  • Light-up Color System

    35 unique color combos for multi-user retrieval
    Close-up of HangRx bag handle showing the light-up color system for prescription retrieval
  • Heavy 8 Mil Plastic

    Clear bags for content visibility. Sizes: 12x9" and12x16"
    Heavy 8 Mil Plastic
  • Battery Powered Handles

    2 watch batteries last 18-24 months. System tracks battery status
    HangRx's battery-powered handle with long-lasting watch batteries and integrated battery status tracking
  • Barcode Tracking

    The barcode links the bag with the patient and prescription
    HangRx handle with barcode for patient and prescription tracking on pharmacy will-call bags.

Simple, Impactful, Reliable - See How

  • Install
  • PMS Integrations
  • Loading Bags
  • Light Guided Retrieval
  • Return to Stock

Frequently asked questions

  • Cost varies depending on the size of the pharmacy, daily prescription volume, and PMS integration. Contact us today, and we'll provide a quote tailored to your pharmacy.
  • Yes, a low monthly subscription provides ongoing access to technical support, setup and installation guidance, usage assistance, and interface support. Additionally, it offers up to 50 replacement sleeves annually, ensuring your product remains in optimal condition.
  • These bags are designed for durability! The 8-mil poly plastic sleeves have lasted multiple years. Replacement bags are easy to order and affordable. The LED lights operate for 12-18 months and run on small watch batteries that are easy to replace.
  • We take pride in partnering with today's leading PMS providers and are committed to expanding our network each year. For a list of our Integrated Partners, please visit our homepage.
  • Software installation and training are conducted remotely, offering flexibility to meet your pharmacy's needs. The timeline may be influenced by factors such as staff schedules, the placement of your will-call system, and interface requirements. However, we typically complete the entire process within one to two days and provide ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition.